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Tibetan Terriers in the Czech Republic

II. The Search (1983-90)

In 1983 the bitch, which was ment to begin the new period of a breeding of tibetan terriers in the Czech Republic, was registered in the czech stud book. It was a tricolor bitch Tiara-Su Gondlah, imported from Belgium. Gondlah´s pedigree was a combination of the Luneville and the old German line, combinated with the Lamleh line. The positive aspect was that she was not related with the local population of tibetan terriers.

This bitch had three litters with Ch.Fatim Al-Erak in 1983-1986. This combination brought a good outcome in the first generation - offsprings of a balanced exterior (four dogs reached the title Interchampion). The breeder decided for the method of incest in the fourth litter - Gondlah was mated by her son Ch.Aran Ananda. The dog-male from this litter - Daulagiri Ananda became a root of a breeding in Slovakia in the Bambabibi kennel, owned by Mrs.Jana Juhasova, later.

Ch.Aran Ananda (m,*25.11.83)

Amiralda Ananda (f,*25.11.83)
Alba Javořinka (f,*13.6.88)
Ayala Ananda (m, born 25.11.83)
Ayala Ananda (m,*25.11.83)
Budhidea Ananda
Budhidea Ananda (f,*16.5.84)
Ch.Cathley Ananda)
Ch.Cathley Ananda (m,*8.2.86)
Ch.Cyrham Ananda
Ch.Cyrham Ananda (m,*8.2.86)
  Daulagiri Ananda
Daulagiri Ananda (m,*21.1.87)

A narrow breeding base did not allow to improve the new arising blood line, built on Gondlah and Fatim´s offsprings. A black male-dog Tiara-Su Jiggitai was imported in 1986, and then a black male-dog Tiara-Su Jogi in 1987. This male was allegedly just lent for a mating for short time only, but he stayed in our country a few years after all. These two dogs were half-brothers after their mother and so the variability of a breeeding base in the next generations was narrowed again. Additionally most bitches, mated by these dogs, were full sisters.

In 1986, the dogs from the "belgian line" started to be used in a breeding.

In the second half of 80-ties, the productive period of most tibetan terriers from the first generations of "the old line" ended, and most kennels from that time period perished. The offsprings of Ryttergardens Shakti disappeared from an active breeding practically completely, the "Potala's" branch was also disappearing. Simultaneously the "belgian line" was growing up. Also the new generation of tibetan terrier breeders and owners started trying for establishment of a breeding, based on knowledge of blood lines and genetically conditioned marks of the breed, using experiences from abroad.

The offfspringsof the belgian imports became a more healthy base for the next breeding activity. It was obvious that the new imports and foreign matings were neccessary not to get the breeding to the dead-end street of a close.

Ch.Chyla von Tanakura
Ch.Chyla von Tanakura (*3.1.87)

In 1987, when our country was still grasped by the "iron curtain" and it was almost impossible to establish contacts with any country, developed in a breeding of tibetan terriers, Miss Eva Pravdova imported the bitch Chyla von Tanakura from East Germany.

The pedigree of this tricolor bitch shows that also the east-german breeders found out that keeping their breeding just on the old line, based on the first generations of "von Potalas", was not possible anymore. So they freshened their breeding by new imports. Chyla´s Grandparents came from the english, west-german and scandinavian Luneville line breedings. Chyla was very successful at dog shows, also her influence in the Czech breeding was significant, although she brought up only three litters.

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