Organization of Tibetan Terrier Breeders
in the Czech Republic

Because Tibetan terrier was a too rare and only a little known breed to establish its own Club at that time, the breed was housed by the Central Cynological Oganization - according to its name - within the hunting breeds and its stud book was registered within the Czech Hunting Club (the stud book abbreviation: Clp, registration numbers 1/72-41/77).

Fortunately, the situation did not last long time and since 1977 tibetan terrier had been integrated among the companion dogs, housed by the Czech Asotiation of Breeders, within the Club of "Unhunting" terriers, together with Yorkshire terrier. Unfortunately, the tibetan terrier breeders were only a minor part of members in this Club and their effort of a systematical progress of the breed was not in the centre of attention.

The major organizational change for breeders of tibetan terriers was, that at the beginning of 1987 they moved from the Club of "Unhunting" Terriers to the Tibetan Breeds Breeders Club, where also Lhasa-apso and Shih-Tzu belonged. (Tibetan spaniel and Do-Khyi had not been bred in Czechoslovakia at that time yet.)

After the "Velvet Revolution" The Tibetan Breeds Breeders Club was split. The new, independent Tibetan Terrier Club of the Czech republic (TTC) was established in 1990. At that chaotical time of significant changes a lot of breeders clubs in Czech republic were broken, which mostly implied splitting of stood books, disunity of breeding requirements and the other unpropitious consequences of the disunion. Fortunately, tibetan terrier stayed one of a few breeds in the Czech republic, for which it has been managed to keep the only stood book and its breeders were organised just within the only club.

History of Tibetan terriers in the Czech republic

The beginnings (1972-86)   |    The search (1983-90)   |    New progress (after 1990)

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