December 5, 2009
Today on the CACIB Show in Nitra (SK) our Marco got V2, Res.CAC, Res.CACIB.
Look at some pictures from the show!

Max Nitra 2009

Zorro 7 months

November 17, 2009
We have added some new pictures to the Zorro's site.

October 17, 2009
Last weekend was very challenging for us: both days the great shows in Bratislava: on Saturday TIBET DOG EURO, on Sunday World Dog Show. We have seen many gorgeous dogs - on Saturday 50 and on Sunday 67 tibetan terriers.
Our young Zorro (Quando Sengge) was for the first time at show and won in the baby class his first cup :-)
Marco got both days judge excellent - it's not bad in the hard competition in the champion class.

Show results with pictures news
TDE Photogalerie
WDS Photogalerie news

Zorro na TDE

October 4, 2009
Today our Marco won in Tulln (Austria) titels CACA, CACIB, Österreichischer Bundessieger, Crufts Qualification for 2010.

You find show results to the Tibeter Info website.

   Photogalerie new

Marco Tulln 2009

September 28, 2009
Show results with pictures from the yesterdays' CACIB show in Wroclaw (Poland): TTShows homepage ;
Some pictures from the show: photogalerie.

Marco Wroclaw 2009

August 30, 2009
Next great news from Poland: Marco's brother Miki (Ch.Mindöling Sengge) won at the international show in Bia³ystok (Poland) CAC, CACIB and BOB under judge Mr. Stefan Sinko.
Well done, dear Jolanta !

Ch.Mindöling Sengge

August 16, 2009
Today at the international show in Bratislava Marco got V1, CAC, CACIB and BOB under judging of Mrs. Daniela Radu (RO).


Ch.Marco Polo Sengge

Ch.Mindöling Sengge

July 14, 2009
We have received a nice news from Poland. Marco's brother Miki (Ch.Mindöling Sengge) won to the international show in Warszawa CAC, CACIB and BOB and advanced to the finals for BIG. Miki's daughter FIBI z Akacjowej Doliny (i.a. Junior World Champion 2006) won CAC, CACIB.
Congratulations to Miki's owner Mrs. Jolanta Cichecka and Fibi's breeder and owner Mrs. Urszula Glowacka !

Ch.Mindöling Sengge

7. èervence 2009
Look at new photogalerie of Qara and Quando on holiday !

Quando 11 tıdnù


June 22, 2009
First puppies from our last litter are going to their new homes. Only a beatiful male Quando looks for new loving family !

June 21, 2009
Look at a new photogalerie from the club show in Lanskroun.

June 12, 2009
Our puppies are now seven weeks old. Look at their new pictures !

7 weeks

April 5, 2009
Marco got at the national show in Ostrava V1, CAC, National winner and BOB.

March 14, 2009
Look at a photogallery from our first vernal cycle training :-)

January 10, 2009
Our Fanda (Hongu Sengge) has had a birthday on Wednesday. He is yet 13 years old and top fit !
He lives with Skokanek Family near of us.



January 2, 2009
We have received a very nice email with pictures from Mrs. Soškova, who has Dschowo Jr., a male from us. He is yet 15,5 years old and still lively ! Please, look at some pictures.
Thank you, Mrs. Soškova, for this nice Christmas present !


Christmas photogallery